The truth about the world's most argued flyover

This photo has went viral through the social media platforms creating ripples around where is it originated or why the flyover was built like that.

The confusing flyover

We investigated the matter for you and here are the facts:

The flyover is in Pakistan

First of all, the photo is real! But, calm down, it was inaugurated in April 2017 in the city of Lahore in the state of Panjabe , Pakistan and it is called Raiwind flyover, we can see other photos of the place below.

Other pics for the same flyover | Source

Why not straight, you ask?

The explanation for this question that many people are asking when viewing this photo is very simple: If the viaduct were made in a straight line, the slope of the road would be too steep for the cars to go up and down. This could cause accidents, as well as make it very difficult to traffic in case of congestion on the way up.

As one of the purposes of this viaduct is to pass over the train line, a straight line would require much of the vehicles, as shown in this sketch by Wilton Pacheco :

According to publications of some specialized forums , the sites of mutual intersection of streets and roads on one level, it is recommended that their longitudinal slopes do not exceed 20-30%. For bridges, the slope of 30% is the maximum allowed.

We can also see this flyover on Google Maps . Below is another image of the place:

Flyover bird's eye view | Source
The Raiwind flyover in Lahore (Pakistan) is being shared on a social network that is a unique bridge with an undulating shape. Inaugurated in 4/2017 Raiwind Pass is well appreciated for its quality and finish, but the shape of the bridge has caused a fuss.
Besides the idea that the bridge construction is expensive, not scientific, some other ideas for this is the optimal bridge over the railway. In addition, straightening the two red lines in the image will cause the driver to face the slope is too large, endangering the driver of the vehicle.
According to experts, this is a good quality and carefully calculated. Under the bridge, a railway track can be seen and to ensure the safety of the bridge, it should be built up high.


The photo showing a flyover made with a huge bend is an engineering work done in Pakistan and was not made straight to smooth the way and reduce the risk of accidents.

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  2. Not agree, instead of at the last moment, they could start the bridge early by utilizing the free space available on the left side of bridge.
    I am civil Engineer, I know this is not designed properly.

    Summary: poor design & poor decision by PMLN Govt for corruption.